FreightWaves Academy learning platform launches

FreightWaves, the leading provider of high-frequency data and news for the global supply chain, has launched FreightWaves Academy, an education platform geared toward teaching the ins and outs of transportation and trucking.

With trucking companies across the country onboarding new employees daily, this tool aims to help get the basics in their hands using the combined 100 years of knowledge provided by the experts at FreightWaves. 

But FreightWaves Academy is not just for beginners. Anyone looking to refresh their knowledge about this highly critical part of the U.S. economy, including industry veterans, will find valuable insights in these engaging sessions.

The Academy, which went live Tuesday, includes courses on the basics of trucking, understanding third-party logistics, fuel buying, less-than-truckload and rail intermodal. 

Courses are available on any device and users can track their progress and earn online certificates. 

“For the first time, there is one place that shippers, carriers and anyone that does business in the trucking world can go to get the essential basics of our industry’s workings,” said Scott Berhang, director of FreightWaves Academy. “This is a low-cost, easy-to-access learning tool that your entire company can benefit from. And it carries the stamp of FreightWaves — the industry’s most trusted provider of trucking information.”

FreightWaves Academy courses

Trucking 101

Learn the industry basics from A to Z. Getting a truck on the road and its freight delivered is far more complex than most people can imagine. This course outlines the different modes of trucking, how freight is priced, the complex challenges the industry faces and the overall huge impact that trucking has on the economy. This is a must for anyone new to the industry or for people looking to get a refresher.

Understanding Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Learn what the brokerage business means to trucking. The trucking industry wouldn’t exist without 3PLs. As brokers who match available trucks to shippers that need their goods transported, the 3PL is one of the most important elements in trucking. In this course, hear about the role that the 3PL plays in getting trucks on the road and how the 3PL operates and makes money. This course is ideal for a beginner or someone who has some background in the trucking industry and wants to better understand the role that 3PLs play.

Fuel Buying — Seven Steps To Incorporate Best Practices Into Your Transportation Business

Without fuel, trucks don’t run. But because fuel is an extremely volatile commodity — with gigantic price fluctuations — many trucking companies have no idea how to incorporate best practices on fuel buying into their business. By the time the course is completed, students will understand how to manage the entire fuel buying process — sourcing fuel, writing a fair fuel contract and verifying that the prices being charged are accurate. This course is ideal for anyone who has fuel procurement in their job responsibilities.

Unlocking the Complexities of LTL — Less-Than-Truckload

This course offers a simple explanation of the most complex mode of trucking. LTL is one of the largest modes of trucking and is an essential part of the trucking industry. But because LTL involves multiple routes and transportation hubs, it is perhaps the most complex to understand. This course explains the large network that goes into an LTL shipment. It is ideal for beginners or for someone who wants to expand their knowledge of the industry.

The Basics of Rail Intermodal — Understanding the Key Role it Plays in Transportation

Learn the basics of how cargo moves from the rail to the carrier. Rail intermodal is one of the key elements in transporting goods around the United States. “Intermodal” refers to different means of transporting goods in a container — in this case, moving from the rail to the truck. Many key products consumed in the U.S., including electronics, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, are shipped in this manner. This course will explain all the nuances, including logistics and cost in shipping via rail intermodal.

Learn more about FreightWaves Academy

Each FreightWaves Academy course is $395, but users can purchase all five for $975. Each purchase includes a free course on the Waterfall Theory of Freight, providing a foundational understanding of pricing.
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