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What's the advantage of working with a specialist freight forwarding recruiter?

You will be receiving a more productive and rewarding service. A specialist has a focused network of clients and contacts who are all looking for similar industry knowledge and experience regardless of the job type. Having a focused network means more opportunity for you, and better relationships for us.

Can I register while I'm still employed?

Yes. We work confidentially across the industry. The only people who would know you are looking; you and us! We would never provide our clients with your details unless we had permission from you beforehand.

I’m worried to leave my current job as I’ve been here quite some time, what should I do?

Ultimately, it’s down to you, and only you to make that decision. We would in no way try to sway you into taking a new position with our client. We would present you with several opportunities, introduce you to the client, manage the interview process, feedback, and offer process. Choosing to accept or decline your offer... is all down to you!

Can you find me a job outside the Freight Forwarding Industry?

Quite simply. Yes we can! We’re a specialist Freight Industry recruiter, but we are partnered with other recruitment specialists in other industries too! Get in touch and we can recommend a reliable recruiter for that

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