ContainerPort Group owner operator fleet grows 20% amid industry-wide trucking capacity challenges

ContainerPort Group (CPG®), a top ten drayage provider in the United States, announced its owner operator network grew by nearly 20% during the second quarter of 2022, pushing the burgeoning CPG fleet to more than 1,300 strong.

While much of the industry continues to face trucking capacity challenges, CPG’s driver-facing teams continue to build its network with a focus on comprehensive compensation plans that include four-figure sign-on bonuses, 24/7 support services, and state-of-the-art technology.

“Our Driver Resources and Driver Recruiting & Onboarding teams are committed to understanding what owner operators need from a trucking company partnership, and consistently work to make driving for CPG a best-in-class experience on and off the road,” said Joey Palmer, President of CPG, who oversees company-wide growth with a focus on team building and employee engagement.

Applications from owner operators seeking to join the CPG fleet surged in April 2022 and continued to swell into May and June, with the overall driver count climbing each week. Nearly a third of these applicants joined the CPG team.

VP of Driver Experience Jason Schmelmer shared some background on the surge in applications: “One of the first things we did was conduct a comprehensive audit of our driver compensation. Based on those findings, we adjusted our compensation approach to help us stand out,” he said. “We now offer a top-of-the-market compensation package for drivers. Combined with our Discount Marketplace and access to DrayPal, our custom mobile app for drivers, we have compelling reasons for owner operators to apply here.”

The Driver Services team has implemented numerous programs to help boost retention and bring CPG drivers to the terminal for support. During the first and second quarter, the team conducted in-person driver Town Halls at multiple terminals to gather feedback and understand what else drivers needed to be successful on the road. They have also reintroduced Pit Stops; a semi-monthly event where drivers are invited to stop by the terminal for a free lunch, a gift item, and a moment to reconnect with the team on the ground.

Drivers are also periodically surveyed electronically, and their feedback shows that CPG’s focus on safety is one of the factors that contributes to their decision to drive with the company.

“We’re proud to know that our drivers value safety and want to stay with a carrier that prioritizes safe driving habits,” said Schmelmer. “Our number one core value as an organization is ‘safety first’ and our fleet takes this to heart. They want to get home safe every single night, and we are offering the education and tools to help them do so.”

The results of these collective efforts are resonating across the organization, as noted by Palmer: “Being a people-first organization, CPG prioritizes a respectful, safety-focused, and rewarding workplace where our owner operators have access to competitive compensation and exceptional benefits options. Our focus on fair treatment of drivers, 24/7 safety, and operational excellence attracts owner operators who want a reputable partner.”

“We know that external market forces had an impact on our numbers, but it was heartening for us to see that referrals count as the primary source of new drivers. The fact that our existing network is encouraging their connections to join the CPG family tells us that we are focusing on the right things– a top-notch compensation package, productivity-focused technology tools and 24/7 support services,” added Schmelmer.

As CPG continues to grow its trucker community and improve relationships with existing operators across their network, current and incoming data depicts a strong outlook for growth in Q3 as well.