Consolidated Chassis Management Joins U.S. DOT’s FLOW Initiative to Improve Supply Chain Resilience

Budd Lake, NJ, August 17, 2022 - Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), a leading cooperative chassis pool provider, has joined the U.S. Department of Transportation’s data-sharing program, Freight Logistic Optimization Works (FLOW), which was established earlier this year. Through its collaboration with key supply chain stakeholders, the U.S. DOT project will create an information exchange to relieve supply chain bottlenecks, speeding up the movement of goods, and ultimately, reducing U.S. consumer costs.
"We at CCM endorse the establishment of a uniform and interoperable digital infrastructure across the container shipping sector and are honored to contribute to the conversation at this early stage. This project will unquestionably lay the foundation for a smooth, end-to-end information sharing process that is necessary to improve supply chain efficiency, security and resiliency,” said Ken Tock, Vice President, Product Development for CCM.

FLOW is comprised of a wide cross-section of industry leaders and the DOT plans to add more in the future. Partners include U.S. port authorities, terminal operators, private businesses, distributors, logistics, ocean carriers, warehousing firms and others -- all of which represent various viewpoints throughout the supply chain.

CCM was formed on the principle of generating efficiencies and synergies that benefit a variety of supply chain stakeholders, including terminal operators, ocean carriers, railroads, motor carriers and shippers. CCM's people, technology, and industry expertise serve as the foundation of its highly interoperable chassis provisioning model that continues to evolve with the marketplace.

"As the leading cooperative chassis pool manager in the United States, CCM is committed to forming strong, cross-industry collaborations, which we believe will pave the way for a more interoperable supply chain in the future," added Mr. Tock. “Our participation in the FLOW initiative underscores CCM’s dedication to collaboration, professionalism, and innovation to the industry and our customers."

About CCM

CCM is the leading cooperative chassis pool manager, managing the combined fleet of multiple contributors to provide maximum equipment availability and facilitate ease of participation to all involved in intermodal freight transport. CCM supports all chassis provisioning models and enables participants the ability to choose their chassis provider through CCM's Customer Choice Program. Bringing together an experienced Logistics and M&R staff strategically stationed throughout each region, CCM is committed to high quality and reliable equipment to meet customers' needs. The Chassis Management Application Suite provides a best-in-class platform for the management of chassis provisioning for all industry stakeholders, allowing CCM to effectively collaborate with steamship lines, railroads, ports and motor carriers at over 200 locations nationwide.