White Paper: Solving Power Procurement Challenges for EV Charging

When it comes to fleets’ electrification at scale, charging infrastructure is the hardest part, and power procurement is a particular challenge. Voltera faces the same challenges a fleet would, but we’re uniquely equipped to solve them.

The challenges that affect power procurement for a multi-megawatt EV charging facility are not new; they’ve always affected large-scale developments that require significant amounts of power. But for fleets and others new to the process of procuring multi-megawatts of power, understanding these challenges – and planning for them – is critical to success.

Access the Playbook today and learn:

  • How proactive investment in strategically located charging sites helps to lock down power in constrained markets
  • How Voltera works to bridge the mismatch between utilities’ distribution system upgrade timelines and fleets’ EV deployment schedules
  • How to work with utilities to streamline interconnection processes and speed timelines
  • How to efficiently and effectively deal with utility differences across markets

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