When will the spot market slide stop?

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about volumes, rejections, rates and trends in the trucking market. They’ll break down the latest data in SONAR. East Coast ports are getting slammed as shippers shift cargo from the West Coast; what does that mean for you? And Google enters the FreightTech scene. 

Mason George, president at IMC Companies, talks about creative solutions to port congestion such as SmartStacks, dedicated trains and more.

Scott Cornell, national practice lead for transportation and a crime and theft specialist at Travelers, shares the latest on cargo theft trends. 

Angela Mancuso, executive vice president of global human resources at AIT Worldwide Logistics, talks about the latest recruiting trends and tips. 

Brett Suma, chief executive officer at Loadsmith, breaks down brand building and the freight market.

Plus, Trevor Milton’s trial gets a new date; the most magical truck on Earth; a runaway truck narrowly avoids disaster; science discovers the most boring person on Earth; and more. 

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Source: freightwaves - When will the spot market slide stop?
Editor: Timothy Dooner