What’s a fuel card provider’s electrification strategy?

More small and midsize businesses than ever are beginning to ramp up their sustainability efforts. For many fleets, adding electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprints is an increasingly realistic way to do so.

Electric pickup trucks, vans, and even medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks are just starting to gain momentum in the market. It will likely take decades before gasoline- and diesel-powered engines are fully phased out, so in the meantime, there will be a transitionary period when an increasing number of fleets will comprise vehicles running on traditional fuel sources and others powered by electricity.

Fuelman, a fleet card provider and part of the fleet and mobility solutions division of global B2B payments leader FLEETCOR, is already ahead of the game, anticipating the current and coming expense management needs of fleet managers as they begin this transition.

During May 31’s WHAT THE TRUCK?!? episode, Dooner sat down with Keagan Russo, Fuelman president, and Ashlie Summer, vice president of product, to discuss Fuelman and how its fuel card solutions are helping fleets manage and control their vehicle and fuel spending for both EVs and fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

“One of the places where we’re investing the most energy and research and product development is creating products and services that will really lower the complexity threshold of managing those two different asset classes for large fleets,” Russo said.

As part of these efforts, Fuelman developed a solution for sustainability-minded fleets, Fuelman Clean Advantage Card, which allows them to manage expenses for mixed internal combustion engine (ICE) and EV fleets.

The Fuelman Clean Advantage Card and Fuelman Mastercard programs help fleets running on either unleaded or diesel fuel to offset their carbon emissions by 100%. At the same time, fleet payments programs provide fleets on average 15% fuel cost savings1 while offering the same features, driver management controls and business protection benefits that Fuelman provides across its products.

One of those value-added features Fuelman offers across its products, Summer mentioned, is card authorization. This allows fleet managers to restrict card access at pumps based on driver proximity, helping to prevent fraud. 

“We want our customers to have that peace of mind when their drivers leave with company vehicles so that their drivers are fueling and spending the company’s money how they want them to. They want them to fuel at the right places [and] buy fuel at the right times,” Summer said. “We do this through providing customers with controls and reporting and efficiencies in managing their fleets.”

With more than 62,000 sites nationwide for unleaded and diesel fueling2, and access to more than 97% of EV charging stations3, Fuelman’s network is focused enough to facilitate greater discounts for customers but expansive enough to encompass a wide array of options, including many premier regional locations drivers can access.

“The Fuelman network is a competitive advantage that allows our drivers to save at the pump or plug, and get tighter controls than other options are able to offer,” Russo said.

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