What Fortune 500 is learning from the automotive industry

“Over the past century, Henry Ford’s innovation — the automotive assembly line — has transformed virtually every manufacturing process. Now a new innovation is following a similar trajectory. Real-time visibility solutions, developed and battle-tested by the automotive leaders, are transforming every industry, from health care to retail to defense.”  – Greg Nelson, FreightVerify 

When Greg Nelson discussed FreightVerify’s carrier certification program at FreightWaves’ Future of Supply Chain event in Cleveland, the audience took note. Nelson is one to know; after all, he spent 35 years in automotive, with nearly 28 years at Ford Motor Co. before joining the team at FreightVerify in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to lead its carrier program. 

For those unfamiliar, FreightVerify delivers total visibility at the most precise level of detail available in the industry. Every day thousands of supply chain, manufacturing, procurement and commercial professionals turn to FreightVerify for detailed content, unparalleled insight and the ability to track inventory around the world in real time. The company serves some of the world’s most demanding corporations — four of the six largest automotive manufacturers. 

“We think of ourselves as laser-focused on our customers, while some may not know us as well as our competitors,” Nelson said.

“Thousands of components go into a new vehicle,” he explained, “multiple modes, global reach, enormous pressure to meet every production schedule and then ensure the delivery of finished vehicles to the network of dealerships to appease ever-demanding buyers.” 

From automotive to the Fortune 500 

Just as business leaders filed through Detroit in the 1920s to study Henry Ford’s innovative manufacturing process, the same rush is underway as leaders from medical device manufacturers, health care systems, retail and consumer goods are eager to learn how the automotive industry has navigated post-pandemic disruptions with a more resilient global supply chain that is directly attributed to increased operating performance. In fact, as recently as last month, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world raised guidance on its financial performance for the next four quarters. 

“If you look at the global automotive industry, you can’t think of an industry more impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet its recovery has been swift, decisive, and candidly, faster and smoother than most people’s expectations,” Nelson said. “Then you add the fundamental shift in the business to electric vehicles [EVs] and realize how, at FreightVerify, it is a distinct honor to play a role in the industry’s transformation.” 

In fact, as recently as last quarter, FreightVerify expanded its platform to include solutions for health care, energy, retail and consumer goods. 

“Quite honestly, those industries want to learn from automotive; they want to understand what the automotive manufacturers see and when they see it since many of them can’t,” added Nelson. 

Pillar of FreightVerify’s success: The platform’s ease of use 

When asked to account for the factors contributing to FreightVerify’s growth, Nelson stated that the company consistently puts its customers front and center. 

“We’ve heard that it is easy to do business with FreightVerify, which reflects our commitment to putting our customers and transportation partners at the center of everything we do,” Nelson continued. “We can’t exist — nor can our shipper customers — without the support and collaboration of our carriers.” 

In fact, FreightVerify’s continued investment in its onboarding programs reflects this commitment. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a top five carrier with a name you recognize or a small up-and-coming family business, we welcome you to the FreightVerify network, and our onboarding process is designed to be seamless and intuitive, regardless of whether you have a large IT department or none at all,” Nelson said.

Nelson stressed that while FreightVerify works with carriers of all sizes, a common theme united them all: quality. “With my background in the industry, we pride ourselves on working with quality customers and quality partners. Carriers that value commitments and provide a heightened level of service and support are the ones that gravitate to our programs.”  

Breaking news:  FreightVerify ‘Verified’ Certification Program 

To provide additional resources and support to its growing network of transportation partners and carriers, FreightVerify recently announced its “Verified” Carrier Certification Program. This free program — available to carriers of all sizes that work with their shippers — is designed to recognize and reward carriers that consistently deliver an exceptional experience to mutual customers. 

“There’s so much we’re doing with our carriers today, from the ease of onboarding and our data improvement and hygiene initiatives, that it makes sense to package our services and formalize how we work with — and more importantly, recognize and reward — the carriers that consistently exceed expectations.”

Carriers are invited to learn more about the Verified program by contacting Nelson at greg.nelson@FreightVerify.com.

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