The Log Book: J.B. Hunt recognizes 69 drivers for safe driving

The Log Book is a weekly rundown of human-interest stories related to the transportation industry. This week: J.B. Hunt recognizes its first female driver to hit 3 million safe driving miles, FedEx Ground announces its Entrepreneurs of the Year and Walmart gives back to the community of its new distribution center.

J.B. Hunt recognizes 69 drivers for safe driving

Supply chain logistics provider J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. hosted its Million Mile Celebration on Tuesday, honoring 69 drivers for achieving between 2 million and 4 million miles driven without a preventable accident.

Drivers, their families and fellow J.B. Hunt employees celebrated their achievements at the company’s headquarters in Lowell, Arkansas. Corporates employees lined up to congratulate the drivers on their way to a honorary lunch, which wrapped with an awards ceremony with company leaders. 

At the event, drivers were awarded more than $900,000 in safety bonuses and J.B. also honored its first female driver, Edwina, to achieve 3 million safe miles.

“This celebration is one of our favorite events of the year. It takes a great amount of patience and dedication to drive 2 million-plus safe miles, and we’re honored to recognize the men and women who go above and beyond each day to ensure J.B. Hunt remains one of the safest fleets on the road,” said Nick Hobbs, chief operating officer and president of contract services at the company.

J.B. Hunt began its Million Mile program in 1996 and first celebrated its employees’ achievements at its headquarters in 2001.

FedEx Ground announces Entrepreneurs of the Year

Parcel shipper FedEx Ground announced the six winners of its Entrepreneurs of the Year awards, which celebrate its contracted transportation services that have provided outstanding customer service throughout the past year.

Each year, FedEx Ground contracts about 6,000 service providers in the U.S. and Canada. The Entrepreneurs of the Year are selected from the top 40 regional contractors with the highest ratings for scaling their companies, delivering on time, and retaining and engaging members of their individual teams.

FedEx Ground’s Entrepreneurs of the Year. (Photo: FedEx Ground)

“These exemplary companies have navigated unprecedented challenges over the last two  years, and through it all have continued to place the highest priority on safety and exceptional  service to FedEx Ground customers. Since 2007 we have been recognizing outstanding businesses that successfully demonstrate an unwavering commitment to these principles, and we are proud and excited to honor this year’s winners,” said John Smith, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Ground.

This year’s winners are:

  • SB Transportation Service Inc., of Orlando, Florida, which opened in 2017, is owned by Diana Rodriguez and has a fleet of 87 vehicles.
  • JSJ Trucking Inc., of Tupelo, Mississippi, which opened in 1995, is owned by John Smith Jr. and has a fleet of 12 tractors.
  • Hutch Motors Inc., of Pasco, Washington, which opened in 2010, is owned by Eric Hutchcraft and has a fleet of 26 vehicles.
  • Mercury Logistics Inc., of Greenwood, Indiana, which opened in 2018, is owned by Laura Brown and has a fleet of 24 tractors.
  • Fulsom Logistics Inc., of Fresno, California, which opened in 2010, is owned by Troy Fulsom and has a fleet of 24 vehicles.
  • EPR Transport Inc., of Pittsburgh, which opened in 2012, is owned by Erin Roach and has a fleet size of 20 vehicles.

Walmart donates $10,000 to charity near new distribution center

Walmart recently opened its $220 million import distribution center in Ridgeville, South Carolina, that will serve as a distribution point for more than 850 regional Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs. The facility is near the Port of Charleston. 

“We know our customers count on us for a broad assortment, and this new import distribution center will give us expanded access to seaports, in turn allowing us to deliver a wide selection of merchandise from around the globe. We also strive to be a store of the community and are proud of how we’ve been able to leverage our investments in the supply chain to create economic opportunity and jobs for the Dorchester County area,” said Mike Gray, senior vice president of supply chain operations for Walmart.

During the grand opening ceremony of the distribution center on April 22, Jeff Holzbauer, Walmart general manager of the new DC, announced Walmart would be donating $10,000 to a local charity, Going Places, which purchases bicycles for kids in need.

Going Place’s founder Katie Blomquist, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and Walmart General Manager Jeff Holzbauer. (Photo: Going Places)

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