Texas carrier changed named to avoid out-of-service order

A Houston-based trucking company put out of business in May as an “imminent hazard” but that reportedly tried resurrecting itself under a different name has also been ordered to cease operating, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Thursday. 

JPL Logistics was shut down after federal officials determined it was the same company as Jaypur Logistics, which the FMCSA told to cease operations on May 7.

FMCSA’s out-of-service order for JPL Logistics states that “the imminent hazard order issued to Jaypur Logistics, which is still in effect, specifically notes that a motor carrier cannot avoid this order by continuing operations under the name of another person or company. However, Jaypur Logistics did just that by operating as JPL Logistics.” 

“On the same day the out-of-service order was served on Jaypur Logistics, a Jaypur Logistics driver was stopped for violating the imminent hazard order and placed out of service,” FMCSA said. “Jaypur Logistics immediately provided the driver with the DOT number of JPL Logistics to complete the trip.”

In the May 7 out-of-service order, the FMCSA said Jaypur Logistics and six of its drivers were an “imminent hazard” to public safety and had been noncompliant with multiple safety regulations, including controlled substances and alcohol use, commercial driver’s license standards, driver qualification, unsafe driving and hours of service violations.

Jaipur Logistics was listed as having 18 drivers and 18 power units, including dry vans, flatbeds and reefer trucks. JPL Logistics is listed as having four power units and two drivers, according to the FMCSA.

Purav Shah was listed as the owner/managing member for Jaypur Logistics and JPL Logistics, according to the FMCSA. Officials for both companies did not immediately respond to FreightWaves’ request for comment.

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