Tenstreet provides smoother connection between drivers, carriers through continued acquisitions

As the trucking industry evolves, so do the problems that drivers and carriers face. In such a fast-moving environment, it would be challenging for one company to provide solutions to the full breadth of issues that pop up.

It is a challenge that Tenstreet has chosen to take on. 

The team at Tenstreet prides themselves on being innovative problem solvers, always working to increase the company’s offerings while solving client pain points. One of the main ways Tenstreet has done this over the past few years has been through strategic acquisitions.


TruckMap represents Tenstreet’s most recent acquisition, joining the fold earlier this year.

The mobile app for drivers provides updates on parking availability, as well as access to local truck services and truck-optimized GPS routing. 

“These functionalities will be incorporated into Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse App to make the platform even more useful for drivers on the road, joining an existing mobile job application, online training courses, fuel pricing information and several other features that help over a million drivers each year manage their careers and drive more effectively,” according to a Tenstreet news release.

By adding to the functionality of the existing Driver Pulse app, the TruckMap acquisition brings Tenstreet one step closer to being a one-stop shop for drivers and carriers. 

True Load Time

Tenstreet has always cared deeply about the driver experience, and the company doubled down on this focus  with its acquisition of True Load Time in 2022.

True Load Time was created to help solve the industry’s perpetual detention problem by creating a shared understanding of wait times among all participants. The platform allows drivers and brokers to leave reviews for shippers — including real arrival and departure times — across the nation.

“With greater transparency, carriers will be able to make more informed decisions to maximize equipment efficiency and driver revenue, improve safety, and enhance driver satisfaction,” according to a Tenstreet news release.

Knowing wait times from the beginning can help carriers make informed decisions surrounding their relationships with shippers. A better grasp on detention times also helps a carrier with their driver satisfaction and retention efforts – drivers who spend less time standing around spend more time working for pay and are happier with their routes. These reviews also give shippers the opportunity to see how carriers experience their facilities and make changes as needed. 


Tenstreet acquired Vnomics in 2022 with the goal of helping drivers and carriers become more fuel efficient.

Vnomics helps fleets reduce fuel spend by providing drivers with real-time, in-cab coaching in response to their individual driving habits. This allows drivers to receive feedback when it is most applicable, eliminating long lags between the driving behavior and the corrective action.

“Drivers don’t go out and say, ‘I’m going to drive inefficiently today,’ but it is too hard sometimes,” Tenstreet CEO Tim Crawford said. “We want to make it easier for drivers to make better decisions and make it easier for carriers to do business.”

This tool ultimately creates a pathway to greater fuel efficiency, an important area of focus as the freight recession continues and diesel prices remain high across the country.

Stay Metrics

Tenstreet already boasted a strong focus on retention when it acquired Stay Metrics in 2020, andhe marriage between these two retention powerhouses allowed the company to take their efforts to a whole new level.

By integrating the survey products Stay Metrics is known for into its existing tools, Tenstreet has been able to increase driver engagement while simultaneously gathering important insights that carriers can use to inform their recruiting and retention efforts. 

“Stay Metrics and Tenstreet help us identify where our drivers are having a problem and then allow our teams to come up with a solution on how to fix it,” Scott Smith, chief executive officer and co-founder of P&S Transportation, told FreightWaves reporter Clarissa Hawes for a 2021 article. “Sometimes it’s hard to understand why drivers decide to leave, but with the driver shortage, these surveys provide us with an opportunity to hopefully fix the situation before this happens.”

Companies can now achieve a holistic understanding of their retention landscape — including monthly turnover rates — through graphs and other helpful visuals. This allows them to gauge what is and is not working in a more accurate and timely manner than ever before.

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