Superb fuel figures sees T. W. Plummer return for second Volvo FH with I-Save

T. W. Plummer has taken delivery of a new Volvo FH 500 with I-Save 6×2 tractor unit, equipped with I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission, having recorded ‘huge fuel savings’ with an identical truck it put into service in 2020.

The Burgess Hill-based haulier runs an exclusive Volvo fleet and switched from the 540 hp engine to the ultra fuel-efficient FH with I-Save after consulting with Jack Nutley, Truck Sales Executive, at MC Truck & Bus.

Jonathan Walker, Owner of T. W. Plummer, says: “After reading very positive reviews on the I-Save system we approached Jack to see if it would be suitable for our operation. Having now seen the rewards first-hand, it’s obvious why it received such glowing reports.

“We’ve monitored the fuel returns closely via Volvo Connect and we’ve been averaging around 9.5 mpg over the past 12 months with the first turbo compound truck, which we were really pleased with. Over the course of a year, that adds up to huge savings for our business.”

The Volvo FH with I-Save combines an ultra-efficient D13TC Euro-6 Step E engine, delivering 500 hp and a peak torque of 2,810 Nm, with turbo compounding and intelligent software. This includes Volvo’s map-based predictive cruise control, I-See, and I-Cruise with I-Roll.

The new truck also features Volvo’s Visibility+ package. This sees the inclusion of the manufacturer’s distinctive V-Shaped LED headlights which automatically adjust to ambient light conditions and electrically heated rear view mirrors.

Safety and efficiency are further enhanced by lane departure-warning with lane keep assist and lane change support systems, while T. W. Plummer has opted for the ultra-responsive Volvo Dynamic Steering package, designed to lessen driver steering force by up to 85%.

The specification of the I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission enables seamless gear changes in a fraction of a second and smooth acceleration.

“Once you’ve driven the dual clutch gearbox you can’t go back,” adds Walker. “It gives you a faster, smoother gear change with no loss of power. The drivers love it.”

The truck’s spacious Globetrotter XL cab is equipped with Volvo’s Drive++ package, featuring a microwave and 33-litre fridge, heated, air-suspended driver’s seat and full leather upholstery.

Also on-board is I-Park Cool, Volvo’s intelligent overnight air conditioning system, allowing T. W. Plummer’s drivers to sleep at their chosen temperature whatever the weather.

The company’s fleet is supported by Volvo Connect, granting the business detailed insight into metrics such as fleet efficiency, driver behaviour and vehicle location to help maximise fuel savings.

Walker expects his new FH with I-Save – funded via a finance lease agreement with Volvo Financial Services and backed by a five-year Volvo Gold Repair and Maintenance contract – to cover up to 140,000km annually. It arrives as an addition to the company’s fleet.

T. W. Plummer is a third-generation family-run business specialising in the waste industry, conducting haulage services across the UK and into Europe.

Source: UK Haulier - Superb fuel figures sees T. W. Plummer return for second Volvo FH with I-Save