Rhenus UK urges exporters to prioritise CDS move to avoid costly delays

The UK’s legacy customs platform is being replaced by a new model. Exporters have until late 2023 to move to the new system.

Rhenus UK is urging exporters to prioritise plans to move to the UK government’s new export platform to avoid potentially costly delays. The UK’s existing legacy customs platform CHIEF (Cargo Handling of Import and Export Freight) is being replaced by the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). Import declarations moved over to CDS on 1 October 2022, with the switchover for export declarations planned for 30 November 2023.

The transfer process should be simple and straightforward for most businesses, but the switchover should be prioritised to prevent future delays, says Rob Mulligan, UK Customs Manager, Rhenus UK. “Businesses may have ample time to prepare for the changeover, but we urge them to guard against complacency and not leave preparations until the last minute. Firms should be aware that we cannot complete a declaration for them, and that their future exporting plans may be at risk if they are unable to provide us with the information needed to complete an export declaration for their goods. They should also bear in mind that CDS requires more specific detail about the goods being declared.”

Traders who have not already started to prepare should subscribe for CDS to register their EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number with the system. Traders exporting goods should also consider any authorisations and easements held, ensuring they are compatible with CDS

“You should also consider the information your agent will need to make declarations on your behalf by familiarising yourself with the UK Trade Tariff (Volume III for CDS). Declarations must accurately reflect the export of the goods you are moving – we are here to help our customers where we can, but unfortunately we cannot assume data on your behalf. Speedy action before the deadline will protect your future business interests. Register, authorise, prepare – these are the keys to success in the transfer process,” concludes Mulligan.

Source: UK Haulier - Rhenus UK urges exporters to prioritise CDS move to avoid costly delays