Passport signs on parcel shipping veteran to lead business development

Parcel logistics provider Passport announced Thursday it is gaining leadership experience from two of the largest parcel shipping companies by enlisting Brad Noble to serve as its head of business development.

Passport’s new head of business development, Brad Noble. (Photo: Brad Noble)

“Passport has built everything around being a modern e-commerce provider,” said Noble, who spent three decades in sales and operations roles at the U.S. Postal Service and DHL eCommerce Americas.

“If you look at the current competitive landscape, even from where I came from, there are a number of big mail companies with old legacy systems that have different interests than tech providers. Passport took a very fresh approach by building technology around those legacy systems and understanding the ecosystems that those companies operate in,” he said.

Noble explained that in order to create a seamless e-commerce shipping process, the company has focused on building strong relationships with more than 200 final-mile delivery partners.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. We can sit down with any merchant of any size, with any kind of commodity and really understand their needs and how both the technology and our carrier network can get that customer delivery experience they are looking for,” Noble said.

Noble told FrieghtWaves that unlike many of Passport’s competitors, the company is a true logistics company, which enables it to not only provide a strong tech solution but consult its merchants on its supply chain decisions.

“Passport is a full 360 experience,” he said. 

While Noble acknowledged that the e-commerce landscape will be changing as the world deals with economic recessions, he believes this will give Passport the ability to prove its worth by giving merchants an opportunity to expand their consumer base.

“The goal is to demystify cross-border shipping and give these merchants the ability to grow in an environment where things are more competitive. We have seen a decline both domestically and internationally in volumes, yet cross-border is still one of the largest growth engines for any merchant. I think Passport is helping simplify that mode of shipping and exposing those merchants to more than 220 new markets,” he said.

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