Opportunities abound for freight agents in tight labor market

Warehouse labor headwinds creating bottlenecks

As the labor shortage rages on, unemployment rates continue to fall. The nationwide unemployment rate came in at just 3.9% in December, shrinking from 4.2% one month earlier, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If this trend continues, unemployment numbers could drop below the 3.5% 50-year low seen just before the coronavirus pandemic in September 2019.

While these stats are tricky for companies trying to fill empty seats, they could also embolden workers to take bigger chances and pursue riskier roles. For those hoping to take advantage of the labor market and strike out on their own as their own boss, becoming a freight agent can prove to be a lucrative opportunity. 

Becoming an independent agent can provide workers with the autonomy and independence they crave, but knowing where to begin can be difficult. This is where partnering with an established company can be beneficial. California Freight, for example, offers an agent program that allows folks to remain independent and self-sufficient, while handling the sometimes opaque world of carrier / shipper relations. 

In this tight labor/carrier market, agents need a financially sound partner that can pay their carriers and vendors on time, while offering different pay options to smaller carriers, such as quick pay. Having a financially sound partner also allows for large amounts of credit to be extended to a customer base, allowing the agent to freely expand their business. 

California Freight, for example, is an asset based carrier / broker that allows folks to remain independent through financial capital, as well as providing the administrative and technological support agents need to operate their business.  

The California Freight agent program caters to agents at different levels of experience and autonomy. Generally, an independent agent, or agent group, has brokerage experience, while servicing their own client base. California Freight offers brokerage authority, industry standard insurance coverages, TMS software, $75k surety bond, 25,000 plus approved carriers, 24/7 automated carrier signups and monitoring, capital to operate, back end administrative work, the ability to sell our assets and brokerage services, marketing support, unlimited load board postings, as well as a slew of resources to keep business running smoothly at NO added cost to the agent.  

Choosing the right company to partner with can mean the difference between success and failure for an agent, especially if they are just starting out on their own. It is important for them to make sure a potential partner’s offerings align with their needs.  Additionally, agents should ensure they are a good fit for the company culturally, enabling them to feel supported as they build up their businesses.

“Culturally, the relationship I have with agents is similar to the relationship I have with our customer base,” Ryan Sanders, California Freight’s director of brokerage said. “Agents can go to a number of different companies with similar offerings, we stand out through our technology offerings, and agent support programs. We succeed when they succeed, therefore we support and treat their business the same as we do a direct customer.”

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Source: https://www.freightwaves.com/news
Editor: Ashley Coker, Associate Editor