IVECO Eurocargo and Daily are perfect partners for traffic management missions

A further 85 IVECO Eurocargo Impact Protection Vehicles (IPVs) and 3.5 and 7.2-tonne Daily traffic management vehicles are in production as the IVECO chassis helps traffic management specialist Blakedale keep its customers safe as they maintain UK roads. This comes at a time when Blakedale has just delivered its 220th customer IVECO, a figure set to grow to 305.

The 18-tonne IVECO Eurocargo powered by the Tector 7 engine which offers horsepower of up to 320hp provides the perfect base IPV chassis which features a distinct deployable cushion that absorbs much of the energy should a vehicle collide with it whilst working on UK motorways.

The unique aluminium honeycomb structure is fully tested at a 70mph impact, while a sensor in the crash cushion applies the vehicle’s brakes to minimise IPV movement in the event of a collision. Blakedale not only fits these specialised bodies for customers, but also orders vehicles for its own fleet that features 99 IVECOs, via Northern Commercials Manchester.

The Eurocargo’s payload, after the IPV structure has been fitted, allows for the storage of up to 400 cones, as well as a host of signage and equipment for motorway maintenance. A big benefit operators appreciate is the Eurocargo’s flat cab floor that provides cross-cab access to the driver, allowing them to exit from the passenger side. This feature keeps workers away from live traffic when getting in or out of the cab. A spacious sleeper cab provides additional internal space, as well as somewhere for workers to rest during a busy night shift.

All vehicles come complete with a bespoke traffic management body which includes, sign rack, cone wells, handrails, anti-slip flooring, under-body storage as well as full Reg. 65 lighting and a multi-camera system with live streaming. Vehicles are fitted with a standard or Red X vertical lift light arrow board which frees up additional storage space at the rear of the body.

Serving as the perfect partner to the IVECO Eurocargo IPV is the IVECO Daily 3.5T which Blakedale equips with LP13 light arrows to guide traffic or a tail lift for loading equipment which is useful for urban traffic management as temporary traffic lights can easily being loaded and unloaded. Many customers also opt for the 7.2 tonne model with Blakedale’s traffic management body which affords additional payload. The IVECO Daily’s class-leading 3.5 tonne towing capacity also enables specialised equipment such as generators to be towed.

As well as being capable, the IVECO Daily is also comfortable with vehicles receiving Hi-Comfort memory foam seats. In fact, the Daily was the first vehicle in its class to introduce cushion, backrest and headrest in memory foam – reducing pressure peaks by up to 30%.

Blakedale’s 3.5-tonne IVECO Dailys are powered by the 2.3-litre 136bhp F1A diesel engine. Operators have the choice of a hardy new manual transmission with a clutch that’s now 18% more resilient than before or Hi-Matic, IVECO’s smooth eight-speed automatic option capable of changing gear in less than 200 milliseconds. These vehicles are fully compliant with Chapter 8 and feature bespoke built bodies, complete with lockable underbody storage box and handrails, Reg. 65 lighting with directional warning lights including high level LED light bars, front and rear strobes, work lights, a multi-camera system, reverse sensors, and a reverse alarm.

Dave Staiano, Blakedale Sales Director said:

“IVECO has become an established product within the traffic market sector with the Eurocargo featuring key advantages over competitors. It’s a large spacious sleeper cab with room for operators to sleep or rest, there’s space for storage, you can stand up and visibility is good.” He continued “They feature an automatic gearbox as standard, air suspension and twin passenger seats which makes them just perfect to meet our customers’ needs. We also receive great service from the Northern Commercials dealer.”

Gareth Lumsdaine, Truck Business-line Director commented:

“It’s great to see that the IVECO chassis performs so well for operators who work in these high-risk environments.”

Source: UK Haulier - IVECO Eurocargo and Daily are perfect partners for traffic management missions