Choose a dashcam that targets your pain points

With so many dashcams on the market, how do you know which is best for your fleet? 

According to Ryan Knight, senior director of enterprise sales at Netradyne, you first need to know what your pain points are. What are you trying to mitigate?

For starters, you’ll want to evaluate any and all speeding violations, accidents and incidents, and subsequent claim damage, Knight said on FreightWaves’ WHAT THE TRUCK?!?. Bringing your risk factors into the spotlight is the first step in establishing your safety goals.

Once you’ve identified your pain points, Knight maintains it’s then that you should research the numerous video safety solutions to determine which is best suited for your fleet.

“Each of us [safety technology companies] provides something a little different,” Knight said. “Some are more comprehensive than others. Some are just basic dashcams. But Netradyne is going to videotape the entire driving experience and provide you with comprehensive driver scorecards. We don’t want you sitting there watching videos all day. We’re going to provide you with a comprehensive driver scorecard where you can attack the areas where a driver needs work and specifically what drivers need work.”

Driver•i is the fleet safety camera that monitors and trains drivers in real time. Netradyne’s AI and machine-learning technology generates real-time performance metrics from visual data, keeping fleet managers up to date on driver behavior both good and bad.

“Focusing on the positive enables you to coach a lot easier,” Knight said. “If you’re constantly just hammering the driver with ‘you’re doing this poorly or that poorly,’ they’re going to tune you out and probably go look for another job down the street.”

Knight encourages fleets to try Driver•i for themselves and even welcomes side-by-side comparisons with other leading dashcams. But he said there’s nothing better than advice from other managers.

“Do your research, talk to other safety or fleet managers — what are they using? What has worked well for their operation?” Knight said. “Somebody with a hundred trucks is going to operate differently from somebody that’s got a thousand trucks. So I’d say do a pilot and see what tackles your challenges and pain points the best.”

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