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One of the biggest issues for the freight industry remains its slow-paced adoption of technology, specifically with regard to recruiting, in comparison with other businesses.

Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach and host of FreightWaves’ “Taking the Hire Road” podcast, sat down with Jordan Kidd, director of IT, business intelligence and marketing for FreightWorks Transportation and Logistics and executive producer of the podcast “Life by the Mile” to discuss the benefits of authentic content marketing for recruitment efforts.

“I noticed the lack of technology in the trucking industry very early on — specifically, when I was booking loads and they asked me for my fax number,” Kidd said. “Going from developing apps to using a fax machine in my day-to-day work quickly gave me a reality check regarding where we are as an industry.”

Being thrust into the industry with little to no experience, Kidd found himself utilizing LinkedIn and Twitter as resources to keep up with trends and practices. Because of that he considers those, among other digital content mediums, to be some of the most effective ways to seek and attract drivers.

FreightWorks is a small-to-midsize carrier with roughly 150 trucks and growing — “large enough to deliver but small enough to care,” according to Kidd. 

The company prides itself on the ability to compete with larger carriers when it comes to meeting the needs of drivers, boasting its one-on-one service to them.

“We are really focused on working directly with [drivers] as people, giving dignity and respect to them that isn’t often given at most places, unfortunately,” Kidd said.

Today’s trucking world allows drivers to look up companies before applying or being interviewed. Therefore, putting information out there is vital for a company to remain relevant and attractive while providing authentic visibility to drivers looking for a new employer.

Through his position at FreightWorks and involvement with his “Life by the Mile” podcast, Kidd is taking on driver recruitment and advertising with a more modern approach. The goal is to be an information source for drivers and ultimately attract more of them.

“When I first stepped into my role at FreightWorks, we were spending a lot of money on ads, as most carriers probably do,” Kidd said. “But our entire marketing efforts consisted almost exclusively of ads, and we had no footprint online outside of these ads. ‘Life by the Mile’ came to us as a way to create content from inside our company and to market who we are and what we care about — and it has been a great resource for drivers.”

Although not every company needs to create a podcast, providing resources and information on social media and its website is key to staying competitive in the labor market.

For more information about FreightWorks, visit its website. To listen or learn more about Kidd’s “Life by the Mile” podcast, visit

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