New digital payment platforms driving cash flow innovation

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Supply Chain Meets FinTech event on Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Building freight fintech: disrupting payments in the transportation industry.

DETAILS: How will new payment offerings change a truck driver’s job? FreightWaves and Uber Freight discuss why more firms are offering payment platforms for drivers, and the most promising technologies in payments.

SPEAKERS: Jerry Tolochko, strategy and planning at Uber Freight, and Rachel Premack, editorial director at FreightWaves.

BIO: Tolochko helps lead Uber Freight’s efforts to deliver innovative financial services to trucking companies around the world. Premack writes MODES, the go-to newsletter for supply chain insiders.


“You have kind of the broader digitization of the trucking industry; you have had a wave of investment from companies like Uber Freight that’s driven a lot of growth in the sector. Now investors and entrepreneurs are looking for other opportunities to add value to the industry through technology.” 

“One of the key things to touch on is, especially when you think of these all-inclusive platforms, the fact that all of them or many of them are coming with the ability to issue your own card. One of the big things that’s emerged there is the rise of payment platform companies like Marqeta or Stripe that make it really easy for companies to start issuing their own cards, instead of it being super time-consuming and highly specialized. You see more and more startups that are able to bring this to market relatively quickly.”

“Ease of use is key. The first key thing about any new fintech offering in this space is that it needs to be better than what’s out there. In order to really go after the incumbents and win market share for a new offering, it needs to be easier to use and better.”

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