Kiwibot launches robotic delivery service at Loyola Marymount

Robotic sidewalk delivery firm Kiwibot announced on Monday the launch of the first high-driving automation campus at Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

The site, which will feature 25 Kiwibot robots making deliveries within the confines of the campus, is made possible by the use of Nvidia technology that puts computing power at the edge. The Nvidia technology enables Kiwibot to focus on algorithms and architecture to ensure its robots navigate the campus safely.

“At Kiwibot we believe cutting-edge technology rolling through the campus will benefit the community by providing efficient delivery services and a source of inspiration for students. Their presence and purpose are to open minds and generate new, sustainable ideas that can improve their own and their community’s life,” said Felipe Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Kiwibot.

According to the company, once LMU students make their orders from the retail options on campus, including Qdoba Mexican Eats, the high-driving Kiwibot robots generate multiple paths to reach the preestablished destination and alerts if an unexpected obstacle or event occurs in one of them. The Kiwibot receives the order and location point on a satellite map within the limits of a university campus, then navigates autonomously. 

Based on Society of Automotive Engineers information regarding driving automation, high-driving automation is Level 4 automation. It applies to any vehicle or asset capable of navigation without driver intervention.

Kiwibot uses GPS technology, satellites and its autonomy platform to achieve its high-driving state. The robots leverage the satellite solution, onboard camera sensors and artificial intelligence to avoid obstacles.

“After a successful launch of the Kiwibot delivery services last year, we are excited to participate in the implementation of this latest iteration in automated food-delivery technology,” said Andrew O’Reilly, associate vice president for auxiliary and business services at LMU. “LMU has always been committed to building innovative partnerships, our goal is to continue to introduce innovative service solutions to our campus community.”

Last week, Kiwibot said it would begin providing delivery services to college campuses in conjunction with Grubhub. Students ordering through the Grubhub app at select colleges can receive their orders via robot.

Grubhub also has robotic delivery partnerships with Cartken and Starship.

The first Kiwibot-Grubhub delivery program has launched at the University of North Dakota.

Kiwibot’s robots move at about the speed of a human walking and can carry up to 25 pounds. 

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