BulkLoads.com announces integration with MyCarrierPackets.com

BulkLoads.com adds integration for insurance monitoring

BulkLoads.com announced this week that it has integrated the services of MyCarrierPackets.com into its BulkTMS solution.

MyCarrierPackets.com is a carrier onboarding service provider. The service allows shippers to provide an online carrier packet to its carrier partners. “Each invited carrier is directed to a customized online packet webpage, where they enter/verify their profile information, agree to any contracts, and complete an electronic W9/W8. All parties, including the corporate office provided by the FMCSA, are notified once each carrier completes a MyCarrierPackets.com for each customer,” the company’s website explains.

“Instead of reinventing the wheel, we decided to partner with the most trusted onboarding and monitoring solution in the industry. They offer an affordable yet a complete solution. It’s going to save our carrier, shipper and broker members so much time and money,” said BulkLoads.com co-founder Jared Flinn.

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BulkLoads.com started as a load board for bulk haulers in the agricultural markets before expanding into other bulk commodities, including bulk liquids. The app followed and the company has been steadily adding features and functionality since. The company also offers quick-pay services and a board of available trucks, among other features. The company has facilitated the movement of over $4 billion worth of commodities so far in 2022, it said, after moving over $9 billion in 2021.

The new integration with MyCarrierPackets.com will allow shippers and brokers to automatically monitor the insurance status and safety compliance of carriers, reducing time, cost and risk. When a carrier’s safety rating or insurance status becomes unsuitable for the specific shipper/broker or FMCSA, BulkTMS users are automatically alerted and the carrier is no longer able to be dispatched on loads.

Flinn said the entire BulkLoads marketplace will eventually be integrated with MyCarrierPackets.com to fully streamline the onboarding process and easily identify which carriers are “ready to haul” based on DOT, FMCSA, insurance and BulkLoads.com proprietary data.

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